Family Channel

Family Channel (often known as simply Family) is a Canadian English-language Category A cable and satellite television channel that is owned by DHX Media. Family's programming is aimed towards the tween and teenage demographics. 

This was an aspirational pitch using the strength of the You.i TV engine to bring forward the playfulness of the brand. The circle of the logo was our inspiration for this app. Focussing on this element we were able to bring in a point of differentiation between similar apps int he market making this app fun and better targeted for the age demographics. 


Client: DHX - Family Channel
Creative Field(s): Creative Direction, UX/Interaction Design
Year: 2015
Working with: Jessica Low (Interaction design), Matt Emond (Visual design), Andew Robb (Animation)


The content transitions out from behind the family channel logo once the app is loaded. Each series/character is represented by a circle shape in varying sizes. All of the content is displayed around the Family Logo Channel and the user can scrub left, right, up and down between assets and them move around the centre logo. Once a user selects one of the series, all balls retract back into the Family Channel logo and transitions from Family Channel ball to selected character ball to simulate the loading of the selected details page.